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With or without your mods, the DMP doesn’t have adequate gain for passive ribbon mics on many sources. The proof is that after your mods, you report how wonderful it is WHEN USED WITH A FETHEAD. The key element for use with a passive ribbon is the Fethead (or Cloudlifter) providing additional gain. I don’t know why, after warping the thread into being about your DMP mod, you quote my post, which has nothing to do with your mods.
I am not commenting on your mods, which may or may not be amazing. The DMP is a decent and well-built vanilla pre, which I use to balance and amplify tape machine outputs. Leave me out of any mod discussion, please.

Sorry, but you are wrong, and I tell you why. The DMP3 has got a maximum gain of 66 db with signal to noise ratio of 115dB without any mods (see manual below=. When modded, it will be around 120dB SNR. Plus the 20dB gain from the Fethead, its a really good preamp for ribbon mics. I am using this combination since years with really good results. Why are you writing " Leave me out of any mod discussion" and you still write here ? Funny.... I recorded before with my Neumann KM184 and the modded DMP3, with much more clearness in the bass , mids and highs, then out of the box. That was the idea in the very beginning. I searched the internet, and saw that JJ Audio is doing some mods. I used also some dynamic mics with the DMP3, also without the Fethead. Ribbons I use with fethead since I got some ribbon mics, thats all. If there would not be a benefit before and after, I would not have done 6 modifications on DMP3s. Also the friends were amazed, and they are mostly good musicians with good ears. I just wanted to show you that you are wrong saying that the DMP3 is not a good ribbon preamp. If you can 't stand being quoted or commented, better stay out of some discussion forums.