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I have Scarlett 18i8 and it is quite "problematic" in the sense that it picks up interferences like a radio - for example from graphics card - every move on the screen is audible. I don't think it is a faulty interface because on another PC it works just fine, I don't think it is a faulty PC either because different audio interface works just fine (I assume better built quality).
It seems like USB isolator is needed for this interface which is another cost...
I'm done trying to slay the latency dragon with my current computer. I can live with not hearing/using plugins on my input track. It's usually a vocal track and even some of the lower latency throws off my singing.

I don't think latency is any worse or better with the Audient/others in this price range. Used the Steinberg UR44 for a year and the reverb available on direct monitoring is really nice but the Audient has better conversion so it's always a trade-off. Audient ought to team up with Valhalla and have Sean make them a nice monitoring reverb on a small DSP chip, raise the price $25-50. It's no doubt more complicated than this electronically and maybe not feasible. Singing "dry" isn't fun but manageable when the conversion is this good.