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So the Crane Song Solaris uses systematic oversampling to 207khz, could it be the main reason of it's sonic excellence?

And would systematically oversampling at 768Khz produce even better results in DA conversion?

Maybe the RME ADI-2 PRO makes it possible maybe to oversample everything to 768Khz...
Historically, oversampling had benefit because it reduced the need for high-quality analog anti-aliasing. That's a CD-era story though. More recently, there have been arguments that higher sample rates yield less pre- and post-ringing, but not everyone agrees the difference is audible.

The main advantage of using ASRC like Crane Song (and Benchmark before them) is that it allows the DAC to run from a fixed-frequency clock of the highest possible stability. No PLL can ever match the phase noise performance of a great non-pullable oven-controlled frequency standard. The ASRC processes itself is a potential sonic detriment, although ASRC chips have gotten a bit better over the years. Still, you're doing real-time interpolation of filter coefficients based on clock timing that can't be known precisely. But overall, the sonic balance sheet may come out on the positive side. Certainly Dave Hill and John Siau both think so, as do many of their customers.

The fact that RME can work at 768 kHz means that they are using a different DAC chip than the previous two products. It could be either better or worse, independent of the sample rate at which you run it.

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