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Here for the gear

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Hi, you mentioned that you did some repair on the power supply, did you also verify that you are getting the correct voltages on the individual boards? I'm no DW 8000 expert, I've only repaired a couple of them, but when faced with a strange problem like this one, my first step is usually to verify correct voltages to the boards and assorted ICs. You may be getting the correct voltages at the PS, but some other issue like a failed passive component, faulty connector, or damaged board could be causing a voltage problem downstream.

Hey I appreciate the reply! I have confirmed the voltages as of recent to be stable and as they should be. I believe that you are correct when you say it probably has something to do with a failed component on KLM 661, so now it is determining just which one it could be.

I tested IC 35 to see if it was firing. I was able to see a square wave on pin 2 for a brief second upon power up before flatlining. The same goes for pin 50 of the same chip. I was able to see some data coming from it for a brief moment before it flatlined. It seems that the CPU is having trouble for whatever reason. I guess next steps would be to check for damages on the board, faulty components, etc? Not too sure exactly what to test for from here other than just removing parts and seeing if they're faulty or not.

Glad I got the power supply under control though