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Really appreciate the input! Very well stick with Mytek. Again, it's what I have now for my analog loop, just need more ADC channels. Happy now and the 8x192 even seems like a tiny, but nevertheless upgrade, to my two Stereo96 units. Thanks again.
Totally welcome. To give you some context, I use my Prism Titan primarily for mastering and for audio software creation. If you are running PTHD I would think about it Vs. the 8x192, but in an 8 I/O box these are really the only two heavyweight contenders I can name in that price range to be sure, and honestly at any price they stand out.

The Mytek felt a bit more "transparent" in the low end, but a tiny bit more hyped in the upper mids to highs (sharper/harder sounding). The Titan has a more euphoric low midrange to sub low thing going on, and feels a bit more musical, but restrained in the upper mid range to highs, though the definition is accurate/clear in my opinion. To me things "groove" better on the Titan, and I feel you net a positive gain in a loopback in terms of stereo imaging and character (Whatever the losses are, it still feels better after I loop it).

The Mytek was similar in terms of net gain, but not quite as "musical", it feels a tad "stiff" in the groove factor by comparison to me...however, the capabilities to track to DSD, and to have AES or even Firewire connectivity give it a lot more flexibility if you need those connections. Also it's future-proofed if they come out with a USB 3 MDIO card later on.

The Titan clearly doesn't sound as good in USB as it does in with a Digilink cable. But I didn't get to test the difference between USB Vs. Digilink, or even Firewire with the Mytek directly in head to head (just Digilink). I did however, demo an 8x192 years ago at a different time with a firewire cable, and I can't remember them sounding much different offhand (though I would test this yourself, as I'm just thinking back). It might be that Digilink did improve things and I'm misremembering sessions more than a few years apart.

The Titan with Digilink clearly beats the Orpheus with Firewire, and from a Lyra user on the forum I correspond with, the Lyra in USB as well. Though you're also paying for the onboard preamps you don't need, which I wish they had eliminated to keep prices down. And the output summing and stepped monitor outs on the Mytek are awesome. All features I wish the Titan sported.

Hope all this helps. You would not regret either.