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Does anyone have experience with how the newer upgraded Lynx Aurora (n) line of converters stacks up against theMytek Digital 8x192 Series AD/DA? Also, thoughts on how the Lynx Aurora (n) DAC compares to the Benchmark DAC2 (or Benchmark DAC3, as they're extremely similar)?

Been rocking a Mytek Stereo96 DAC into a Mytek Stereo96 ADC for a long time as my pitch/capture DAC/ADC (analog mastering chain) with a Benchmark DAC2 DX as my monitoring DAC (prior to the Benchmark DAC2, a Benchmark DAC1).

I'm planning to move to either the Lynx Aurora (n) 8 or Mytek Digital 8x192 Series AD/DA as I've been getting into recording my own music again as of recently (never stopped playing but took a far too long hiatus with recording) and need more ADC channels. Regardless, the DAC and ADC of one of these converters will be used for my mastering chain as well.

I may or may not keep the Benchmark DAC2 as my monitoring DAC or use the Lynx Aurora (n) 8 for that purpose as well, depending on which I prefer, but the more important question is the Mytek vs. the Lynx.

Thanks in advance for any input!
I'm sure the new version is better, and I have not heard it...but...that being said. I have an extremely hard time feeling convinced that it would ever beat out the Mytek 8x192.

The Mytek 8x192 was my second choice out of dozens of different designs (The Prism Titan via Digilink to PTHD Native edged it out). It's a stellar unit and it hangs with the best of them: Prism Titan/Lyra/Orpheus, and Dream/ADA-8xr, IZ ADA/RADAR, SPL Madison (which is extremely similar in quality and sound to the Mytek), and Burl converters if you want something deliberately more colorful with an almost tape-like response.

I am not a fan of the original Lynx Aurora and I remain skeptical that a new version would defeat even the Antelope Orion stuff which is not in the same league as what I've listed above but still pretty great for the money...or even the newer generation RME converters which I think have been steadily getting great for what they cost.

I might be proven wrong, as I've said I only have experience with the previous generation of their converter design, and they might have really turned that ship around. But I would demo it rather take people at their word. The Mytek is one of the best in class, and is the best in class in terms of connectivity options. If I wasn't running a PTHD system I might have chosen the Mytek over the Prism because I think it's overall feature set is better...however with Digilink the Prism won me over on sound/imaging.

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