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Come listen to my converters in my signal chain and you'll see ware i got this info. After hearing it, you'll listen to
the Zoom and tell yourself this sucks..

Zoom doesn't make anything mastering grade. They do not have high end converters, sorry to say that to you, but its true.
Just here to help and im stating facts.

ZOOM may not be famous with audio interfaces but they do make great recordes like H4n Pro,H5,H6,ect. so they know some stuff about converters but I cannot listen to your converters if you dont provide me a link with some media.ZOOM UAC 2 offers in my experience almost zero latency and the sound is very clean and transparent.AD converter used is Burr Brown PCM4202 and DA AKM4396 if I remember corectly.The UAC2 works best on Intel USB3 chipset,so with other brands chipsets,some issues may occur.It definetely blows the UR22 and Focusrite Scarlet2i4 out of the water by low latency and clean pres.I have zero issues with mine.