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Old 2nd February 2018
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ive simplified my setup.

got rid of my voyager, still have my mpc 2500.

i do sample based hippity hoppy, i had this grand vision of what i wanted to do, it involved preamps for the samples to go thru out of turntable and all this other nonsense, i just recently got into DAWS, have always been against it.

i used my voyager money to buy omnisphere, logic and serato sample.

i dont have a soundcloud, because this was just a hobby for me,

i now use serato sample to cut samples, then i use the mpc to play them on the pads, i use omnisphere to add cool sounds.

i have a scarlett 2i4 to upload my vinyl then chop em, i got a firewire midas that i can use as a virtual mixer, theres alot of work to be done but i can already see how productive i will be and even these past days just messing around ive found myself making pretty neat stuff.

sorry for the rant.