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Old 29th January 2018
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I've been using a pair of APS Coax for about a year and they have been wonderful. I'm a big fan of sealed cabinet designs, especially when I'm working in a poorly treated room (which is more often than not) where ported speakers, in my experience, tend to be less trustworthy in the lows, and there aren't that many options compared to ported designs, so I'm really happy APS have one available. The bass doesn't go deep (although it's still possible to shake the floor a bit even at modest monitoring levels) but once you're used to that (or have added the matching subwoofer, if you have a higher budget than I do) they're fantastic to mix on, everything I do on them seems to translate really well, even when I first got them and hadn't learned them yet. Definitely worth considering if you need a set of nearfields with really good imaging and detail and don't mind (or prefer) a bit of low end rolloff.