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Really? Have you A/B'ed the two? I have.

As for doing it with "57's"... yeah, it could be done but besides running about $9,000 for the 57's [UM-57's that is] they don't have anything remotely like the character of either the KM-84 or the C-42 while the character of the C-42 is exceptionally similar to that of the KM-84.

Call me crazy but I've found comparing apples to apples a whole lot more fruitful than comparing apples to apricots... as always, YMMV.
Yes, I actually even posted some clips up here a while back, and Mercenary even sent me the c42s to check out... for that I thank you! I think that is a kick ass thing to do... For sure, saved me some heartache... 'cause if I didn't have that opportunity I would have thought the c42s were just like 84s, due to 'internet rumour'...

the c42s were cool, and for sure worth half as much as 84s... but they sound very far from an 84 IMHO... of course YMMV