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Gerald Levert, Eddie Levert my pop and me Father and Son Levert album..Philly studio A

lol our "custom" MTR 90 dad hated that clients at our NYC studio wanted Studers when the Otari was 1/2 the price and specked BETTER so he had them custom paint them black and red and called them "sigma modified" LOLZ!!!

when we closed he said when a client dictates the gear i have to buy it's time to fold

that's the 52 in 1 of 3 neve 8078 kinda with 1107 modules..alan sides bought it [200k] for the channel replaced the sphere eclipse C..there was a hydraulic jack at the center section to compensate for the frame sag and i had my tech guy make a gusset to hold up the tt patch bay..the board was a hot mess but sounded awesome

i talked to rupert ..he was like..i made so many 1 offs i have no clue LOLZ

by that time my dad was dated [so much verb and too much mids] ..gerald wanted him to mix 1 tune at least so "father and son" had more meaning..i had to remix his song at the last minute so he wasn't on the credits

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