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Old 26th January 2018
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I’ve been salivating for the Quantum since it was first announced since it essentially is the “fixed” architecture synth I’ve been asking for for a while now. I think it’s incredibly dope for everything it does, and if I had one I could see myself diving into it for years and never getting bored. The number one thing to me is if it is an interesting instrument, and I think it is.

Is it $4K interesting tho? That I don’t know yet, and I think it’s hard to judge from a preproduction unit at NAMM. I’m pretty platform agnostic, and will use modular, fixed architecture hardware (analog, digital, whatever), and software if it meets my musical goals. I’d rather use modular than anything, but trying to build something like the Quantum in eurorack would still cost you way more than $4K to reach 8 voices and all the extras. I really need an 8 voice version of that when I might be more than satisfied with a couple euro voices to scratch the itch? That I don’t yet know. Money aside, the approach to something like the Quantum vs anything equivalent in eurorack is pretty different.

I will say that after seeing the recent additions to the Yamaha Montage I’m maybe more inclined towards getting that and $1k in modular over the Quantum, but I’ve been GASsy for the Montage since I tried it at NAMM 2016 and it has only gotten better. The demos for that synth are abysmal, but I’d urge any modular geek to go try one and try not to get suckered into the crazy programming it provides.