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I played with a drummer in LA in the 90s that I won't name because he was a hope to die crack addict then and has since -- I understand (and hope) -- got his sh1t together... anyhoo... he had real credits including Marvin Gaye and some other Motown acts... The stories this fool would tell us... my goodness.

If he dug your playing there did not exist a more enthusiastic cheerleader and he got me a lot of work which was no small feat with my giant cracker corn-fed behind... But if he didn't dig what a player was doing, holy hell, it was excruciating to watch and listen to him berate those poor souls... in the middle of the their solos... on the bandstand... in front of the poor dude's old lady... didn't matter... he'd stand up (never missing a beat on his kick) and just lay into people... If Miles Davis had an angry younger brother, this drummer would've made that man cry.

Contrast to Smokey Robinson who I ran into quite a few times and was, well, Smokey Robinson, and was always a gentleman and full of praise for even so real no playing nonsense.

I've been into writing retro stuff lately and been doing a lot of Motown-ish stuff and it just makes me happy