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Is this what you are referring to?

Pity the MC16 doesn't support NHK 22.2, but it seems to provide for all the Home Atmos formats (up to 9.1.6), Auro-3D and IMAX.

The new DMC looks like a worthy upgrade, which is apparently half the cost of the previous generation, but with better specs.

The Phonitor output and GPI button are brilliant additions.

Wow I'm late to the party it seems !

To answer your question actually no I wasn't referring to the MC16 (didn't even knew about its release at Namm this time...), but to another unit.....

Originally Posted by Chris Chapelle View Post
The DMC has no bypass per insert.... only a general chain bypass and loop.
If you do not have hard bypass on every gear, we still need something like the Liaison or Backbone.

If it it's half of the price of a Maselec MTC-1, maybe. It seems that it has been designed for an all SPL setup....

If it's the same price, better to go with MTC-1, 10x more options.
.....wich will be indeed some kind of "liaison" insert switcher/router (and a replacement of their super big Masterbay 8).

Originally Posted by Justin P. View Post
Yeah, it seems slightly misguided though I did read they will be releasing some additional add-ons later this year so I think the idea would be to connect whatever they are planning to release (probably similar to Liaison) to the one insert point on the DMC.

If I were SPL I would have waited until all the components are ready to release this because while it's impressive, it's not all that useful without an additional insert manager.
I agree with your last statement, I would have released both at the same time.....

Originally Posted by Chris Chapelle View Post
Actually, It seems that they are planning to add some Switchers and Processors.
.....and the other forthcoming processors later on.

Now from what I know (I'm no part of Spl, but know them well) they are releasing some kind of "full mastering system". So the DMC alone might not make that much sense I think. (Although as I previously said, the monitoring section is jawdropping as it sounds)
It is also an update from their previous model (we're talking gears released in the early 2000's here), and as I discussed it with them, one of the main goal was to offer something much more affordable than before. The DMC and Masterbay 8 first version were REALLY pricey at the time, because of their 120v technologie and all made in house by hand, on special order.

Imo their forthcoming insert switcher will sell more "on its own" than say, the DMC alone. But if you invest in more Spl gears, than the DMC makes perfect sense