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A bit surprised to read so much about COST in the modular subforum...

How many more modules/grands do you guys want to amass and what it is really adding to your music? ;-)

Don't even get me started on the voices or "analog"...

Most of us have reached saturation point when it comes to gear a long time ago. So either this "fixed architecture synth" (really??) is interesting me and I feel like it will be inspiring (for a while), and then I'll check my finances, or it won't.

Whether it is all software or not is so missing the point IMO. If it comes to that, run reaktor on a laptop and conquer the synth world.

So, for me, with a plethora of synths, modulars of all kinds, this is VERY interesting. If it sounds great and isn't too crippled by bugs, I will try to find some space in the studio. Because if done right, it will just be so inspiring with its user interface and (compared to computers) "limitations" that I will create lots of cools sounds on it that will hopefully lead to some great tracks and tons of fun.

So, a big thumbs up from me for the quantum and to waldorf for doing it.