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This looks like a step backward for Waldorf. They keep not learning that when they design these huge masterpiece synths, it's their cut-down versions that end up selling the best. Maybe they'll do like they did with Stromberg and release a Blofeld version first that ends up replacing the flagship?

Four grand for eight note polyphony seems a tad rich to me. As usual, analog filters limit how far you can push the engine on this thing. For half the cost, you can get a Virus TI and have twice the polyphony in a synth that's the ultimate chameleon. Heck, half the cost nets you a sixteen voice Prologue, and that seems to me what the Quantum is really competing with.

So would I rather have Quantum for four grand in modular? I think we all know what my answer would be, but I'm not exactly their target market.
It's only 8 voices? Oh dear. My pieces can only be played with 12...