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Old 25th January 2018
Would you rather have a Waldorf Quantum or 4k in Modular?

Ok so this is not supposed to be a hate thread, although my opinion of this synth is not terribly positive. But there are a few points to make from our perspective as modular users (which is why I am posting it here).

The good-
It looks cool, and sounds great of course. Lots of knobs, huge screen. Looks well-built. Interface seems cool enough for this type of thing- turn a knob and the screen changes, then you can go to the screen to get deeper. All great stuff if you like interfacing with sounds that way.

The bad-

Four thousand dollars seems like a lot for a modern workstation that doesn't include any analog voices, doesn't it? For four thousand dollars you could buy a badass laptop and a controller and get close with software, ironically enough, their software. One of the comments on the youtube said "you can even do Rings through Clouds on it" which is what made me think of this topic. I mean, the ONLY thing I can see that this has over a modular setup are the same things that keyboard synths always have "over" modular- polypohony, patch memory, fancy screens, etc. Other than that it's a high-powered computer with a traditional musical interface, right? I'd talk about the sound but I can't say whether the actual sound was impressive or not. Not enough examples and too much feature-banging to really hear anything. Starting off with a bell sound that a DX7 could probably do was not a good choice IMO...I'll leave it there.

All they really seem to have done is port all of their previous efforts into one box based on the continuous laundry list of features taken directly from or at least compatible with their other products. That's not new or even interesting to me. Nothing mentioned about anything that would make this sound better/different than software (technologically speaking-DACs, opamps, w/e) Their granular engine looks like a straight lift off Tasty Chips too, although it could be that all granular synths look like that idk. Yeah it's just one video, but if it's Nick freakin Batt from sonicstate you bring your a-game, right?

For the price of this thing you could come close to a Buchla, get a few Serge panels, Make noise shared system, a Minimoog and 500 bucks worth of weed, or 4k of whatever in euro, anything seems better to me personally.

Side note- Why can't a thing like this ever have CV ins and outs?

Final thought- Does the Quantum come with a lookout?

Modular folks-If you are gassing for this tell me why, I just don't get it.