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Mojo's not a trademarked word, and to be honest I didn't think of the Silver Bullet until you mentioned it. Then I had to go look at a faceplate of it to see if it even said mojo because I didn't even know that it did.

But Mojo is a word that's been around forever. I certainly don't associate it with louder than liftoff.

I never said it was trademarked otherwise I would've said they have to change it. Louder than Liftoff has been calling their color stages "Mojo Amps" for years - if this company wants to differentiate itself it should stay away from terms well established by other brands. Mojo in the Silver Bullet is describing how much API flavor or Neve flavor to add. In this box it's describing how much Neve flavor to add.

I completely believe it wasn't an intentional rip off but was instead parallel thinking. Either way I was just giving my 2 cents to help them establish themselves as unique thinkers as their products seem to indicate.