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I record mostly by myself and it is indeed possible to influence your playing and have interaction between instruments. ...Once all tracks are laid down you can also go back and re-record the first part.
That is not 'influencing' the first part, that is getting rid of the first part! The first part that you recorded remains exactly the same down to the sample level no matter what the tracks that you add later are like. It is set in stone and the influence is one-way. If you re-do the first part, the second and third parts do not change along with it. They may have been 'compensating' for something in the first part. That something is now gone and now they are 'overcompensating'. It never ends.

Sure, you could bootstrap and re-record everything 10 times and you might begin to approach the interaction that occurs instantly in the first run-through with the band warming up.

just as you can snip and nudge notes and phrases all over the track until you begin to approach the cohesiveness of having all the overdubbers follow a common time reference.

While I don't doubt it is possible to eventually get usable results from your methods, all the techniques you suggest also apply to improving the feel of overdubbing to a click. Having done it both ways many many times, there is really nothing you can say that would make me put overdubbing one-at-a-time with no timing reference out of the #4 slot. It belongs dead last to me.

It is IMO the worst of both worlds.