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Would “She Loves You” by the Beatles sound as good if it was tracked to a click and laid down part by part?

But he Beatles played that song together as a band. When several people play together they create a 'feel' in the space between them. They summon an Angel. It was not the 'absence of a metronome' that is the deciding factor, it's the absence of one-at-a-time overdubbing.

This is my personal hierarchy of groove:

1. live band with great drummer playing together with no click. Freedom.

2. live band with great drummer playing together with a click. IME, this can still swing LAMF with a good band. I have been there.

3. Single musician overdubbing to a click. Nowhere near as groovy, but remember, the click was already introduced above! So the click did not kill the feel, overdubbing one track at a time is what killed the feel Because the musician on the tape can 'influence' the next guy or gal, but he cannot be 'influenced' him/herself. The communication is one-way.

4. Single musician overdubbing with no click. The worst of both worlds, IMHO. No opportunity for influence and no common time reference for overcoming the communication gap. No interpersonal interactive magic, AND it's sloppy.

but there's a great energy and vibe
All I can say is that 99% time I have worked on something done in such a way, the inherent sloppiness of the result has rendered the project unacceptable to me. YMMV

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