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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but you can save anything whichever way you please, together or individually. You can pull one program out of a project and put it in another, for example. All the samples and other material are saved under a project folder. You may not see this on the hardware, because the browse screen hides folders (only showing the project file). To unhide them, in the browse menu, tick the folder with MPC written on it with a cross through it. This shows all hidden files and folders.

You should save everything to your own media, not the internal drive. The latter does not show up when in controller mode. If you have an SD or SSD connected, simply save all your data to that, and you can access the same folders/samples in either controller or standalone modes.
What I'm asking is:
I want to make a project, sample kicks, snares etc from my various drum machines and then save these as separate samples in wav format to my external drive for use in ableton, other samplers etc. I do not want to save these as a drum program or as a song. Just separate wav files (i.e. Snare1.wav, 808kick.wav etc)
Is there a way to sample all of these and then save ALL of them in just one go.
The way I'm doing it now is: Sample kick drum, add it to pad 1, hit the pencil tool and select "save current sample". If you have 50 drum samples this is a pain in the a**.

To be clear, I do not want these as an akai drum program format. I want the wav files, and I want them all saved (50 separate samples) at the same time to my external drive.