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I've been threatening to buy the X simply to have a standalone box with dedicated controls to multitrack stereo audio tracks and do some sampling and experimenting. Even with the 8 track limitation, I saw it as a great way to simplify and I could always mix down and start over with 7 fresh stereo tracks. No problem.

Problem seems that recording an 8-9 minute track multitracking and using all the tracks stresses the machine because of RAM limitations. This information is from users and videos I've seen. Akai would have had my $2200 months ago, it just seems there's a lot of work that needs to be done to get the machine up to "flagship" standards.

BTW, I worked with the Akai DPS24 for years a long with Cubase. The 24 was an amazing machine with top quality build and sounded beautiful. That machine is over 25 years old and had 24 tracks... the Tascam DP32 is $600 and has 32 tracks. If the X is essentially a computer, where's the computer power?