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Attn AKAI: MPC Live current requests/suggestions

MPC LIVE: Let's round up where we are, for Akai's attention.

Disclaimer: I considered carefully whether to put this in the existing thread. I decided to give it its own thread because I would like to hope that Akai sees it and reviews it. I know XParis AKA Dan AKA "Akai Dan" has been extremely attentive, friendly and helpful in the other thread, and I hope he pops up again here (or at least brings this to other Akai people's attention). Once it's had a while to gestate, maybe it can get merged later?

Now that we've all been sitting with this unit for some months, let's take some stock.

I maintain that this is the single greatest change to my workflow since I started making music using a computer. I love the fluidity between the hardware and software. I love the immediacy of the Live. I love its potential, and its depth. I can see myself still learning how to use it better a year from now.

For this reason, it's really important to make a fuss of what can still be improved. The suggestions we make now, after using it for several months and with the updates, are going to be more reasonable than those we may have initially made (another reason for a new thread).

Here are my suggestions for the thread:

1) Suggestions and bug reports to mirror what we have all been feeding back via the software. Not only is it another way to get attention, but we can expand on these ideas and keep track of them (not possible when your suggestion vanishes once you send it).

2) List (and make a fuss of) anything which is currently impeding you, which is potentially fixable. Prioritise anything which you think is imminently achievable.

3) Avoid commenting on stuff which in your view is not likely to eventuate.

4) "+1" suggestions if you think they're vital.

5) If you just want to whinge about it, keep in mind there is a whole other thread.