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Personally I do not favor direct wiring to the phone, this bypasses all the inherent signal processing in the phone and limits you to a single device for monitoring not to mention the annoying cable..

I use a simple bluetooth audio broadcaster connected to my console stereo output to broadcast to the phone. This gives the most realistic impression of how the mix sounds on the phone. I have one of these broadcasters by Bose and a plain no-name model from Amazon that was only about $15, both work and sound identical.

I also listen to the broadcast using a bluetooth speaker, it's a small cheapie stereo box that has amazingly full sound thanks to internal processing. It's powered by rechargeable batteries so I can take it outdoors even and listen to tracks while swimming in the pool.

I think a high-end laptop is very valid as a speaker test, lots of music supe's audition tracks this way first when they're looking for a music-bite for a film or video. The song needs to hold up and still sound good on all these lower-fi platforms.

Good music to all!