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Interesting how subjective the preferences are. I own or have used every one on this list except the Flux , and most wouldn't even be in my top 20. If I had to pick the best 3, in no particular order, it would be:
  • For a transparent, single track (non-buss) brickwall, AOM on x16 seems as good as it gets.
  • For louder than loud limiting that somehow adds more punch and sense of dynamics, FG-X all the way (although Stealth is in the running).
  • For high end clarity , tightening up lows , or adding 3-dimensionality, Limitless. Flexible enough to cover all the needs.

Flux Alchemist was the first ITB comp I remember being really impressed by--maybe I'll have to see what they've been up to these days.
Have you tried Elevate?