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I have one of their small units and I tried out at least a dozen different brands of tubes both current and vintage.
The one that stood out head and shoulders above all the others was an Electro Harmonix. It was louder, clearer and definitely opened up the top and to get some sparkle up top. Those Art units sound a tad muddy with the stock Chinese tubes they have in them. That EH made a big difference.

Just be careful when you put one in. The tab at the top of the tube is slightly longer then others. I didn't notice that when I installed it and when I put the cover back on and tightened it the tab was wedged over the top of another component and it would up getting snapped off. In my case I would have moved that component out of the way to make room if I had seen it.

The EH tubes are very low noise too which is important in a mic preamp.
As an alternative you might want to try an Tung Sol or Mullard, but I'd still choose the EH on the Art stuff. It seems to have what those preamps need most.