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Old 16th January 2018
Lives for gear

Sleeper alert! My best "bang for the buck" (on my voice) is the AKG D790.
IMHO it's like the neodymium version, fo the venerable Beyer M88.

Very similar sonic footprint, somewhat more "rolled off" on high frequencies vs.
M88. Currently can be found typically, under $60! Must admit I want to re-try
the M88, now that my vocals are "more mature"/darker sounding though.
8-10 years ago, there was much more of a sibilance issue with me.

A close 2nd is the Oktava 219. I had 2 in the past I sold, but this one's exceptional in comparison. very similar effect on my voice, to the RCA 77 ribbon.
Definitely (way more than) worth the $100 paid-and am "afraid to mod it"!

Either one could be used for "release level" vocals. In fact I may be taking both to a local studio, pretty soon, for singing on a friend's solo CD coming up.