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I disagree about a phone speaker not being useful for mixing decisions. I find bandwidth limited monitoring situations very useful as an alternative test. Can make some problems obvious that are simply not on a full frequency system.
Think you missed the point.

There is nothing special about listening to a mix on a cell phone or any other low quality sound device. Its fine for checking to see if a mix is compatible on there, but the real question is why wouldn't it be as compatible as any other commercial mix.

A cell phone is no different then checking a mix on a boom box, Hi Fi, Car speakers or any other device. If you hear something isn't translating well take notes, but do the fixes on studio monitors where judgement making those changes are accurate.

If you try and make a mix sound better then other commercial recordings on a low end device, all you do is screw up how it sounds on other devices. If a cell phone lacks bass so be it. You don't tweak the mix to make the bass sound better because it will undoubtedly up having too much on other devices.

I also wouldn't try and judge a Mix that hasn't been mastered yet. The song needs to be mastered so its dynamic levels are similar to other commercials recording first. Otherwise you're totally wasting you time.

Again, if you know how to properly mix and master on studio monitors, the mix should sound as good as any other mastered recording on a cell phone or any other device. A cell phone test can tell you when you botched the recording some how just as well as many other devices. The real trick is, don't screw up in the first place and it will sound as good as it should on all other devices.