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This thread is so 2016.
Lol. The MK2 came out a few months back. New machine ( or is it?).

Right, so I saw the video ol boy with the beard did and he shows the gain staging steps. I can see how one could get a bit confused. Being that though, I agree that a $1,400 machine should be effortless to sound great. Thing is, with all the examples of what people go for as an over sound vibe.. "clean/crisp" , "full and punchy" etc, I'd say mine is ""warm and smooth" , but not flat and mushy.

Kinda a bummer, I was looking forward to getting this Pandora's box and taking a vowl of dedication to really learn its language, but I can't be fighting against that sound AND trying to learn the machine at the same time.

I was looking at the MPCX, 8 outputs with nice sampling options and a wicked controller with pads, but man I've just heard too many stories of build quality and a cumbersome operating system. I guess my machine hasn't been created yet. Dammit...