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Exactly the reason I sold mine..
Me too.

However: I think the sound quality thing is a bit overstated. Using it to do crazy things to some audio in a track in the presence of other instruments never bothered me in the least. It was when I built entire tracks in it that a certain character started to emerge that I was not pleased with. Very similar to using an expensive pre or eq - use it on one track and it is hard to notice, but use it on all the tracks and .... cumulative.

It does some really unique stuff, and it does not sound horrible at all. As long as it is being 'the sampler' in the company of synths and drum machines it is fine, cast in the role of the 'does it all performance device' not so much IMO.

The MK II is supposed to be cleaner / clearer due to improved op-amps and consequent head room improvement. I haven't heard one.