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Does the Octatrack really sound so flat?

Man, I've been studying this machine for a few months now off and on, but a couple of weeks ago I said "F it, I'm just goung to get one". So I've been watching tons of videos here recently to get excited and purchase the new MK2. However, after watching @ a hundred videos of this machine one thing I noticed is that EVERY video I've heard sounds... not so great.

From young kids just starting out to guys with a massive room full of gear, the audio quality always sounds flat and pretty dead in these videos. It's not YouTube compression because other demos of gear sound fine and what I'm used to hearing. And there's NO way all those guys were just simply bad engineers.

I've read folks who LOVED the Octatrack, considered it one of the most amazing machines they've ever used, but sold it because of how it sounds.

What's going on here?