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A great test, very thorough! If I could suggest one thing it would be to spank the compressors harder to make the differences more obvious. The drums sound good through the Behringer, they go smack where the plugs get a bit mushy. I've got some Composers and have thought about adding transformers. The OT1 ones are the neatest but I suspect any 600:600 transformers could go in? I tried an OEP Z1604 wired up to some jack sockets and tested it. It was a very subtle difference, and that's what I'm getting with these tests. I think the vast majority of the character comes from the compressor itselt.
I think so....if you can fits it.
One of the reasons I wanted to modify this comp was thinking to add coloration, because for clean comps... there are the plugins compressors.
The MDX 1000 unmod has some round character in the low end frequency.... now has more... to me...