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I save some of my recording to Drop box and I'm able to play them back on the phone. The speakers sound quality has very little bass response so it would be pretty useless for any kind of judgements mixing. I suppose you're using ear buds which may improve the sound quality, but I surely cant see it as being trustworthy for mixing purposes other then detecting it being a flop compared to other commercial music played back the same way using an A/B comparison.

I do use a cool little app for music writing proposes called Music Memos. Many times I may be doodling around on the guitar and come up with an idea. I'll record it on the phone with that app. Then when you play it back its got a couple of buttons that add the drum and bass parts automatically using some kind of artificial intelligence based on the tempo and chords you may have played. It doesn't always recognize the music properly, especially if the guitar has overdrive butm the times it does work can be kind of nifty. Lets you hear what the song might sound like with the other parts are added.

Again, I don't rely on it for fidelity but for music writing purposes it's great for saving bits and pieces of music you'd like to build into songs. I often save up a dozen or two ideas then I simply play them back and take them to the next level recording them professionally and working out all the parts. Its a heck of a lot easier then writing things down and tabbing them out so you don't forget.

The playback even shows you the chords/notes you played too, so you don't have to start over from scratch trying to figure out what you were playing.

That would be a real handy feature to have in a DAW too. It would be great to see the chords that were being played when you finally go back and add Bass and lead parts. I often come up with some fairly complex arrangements and often have to write the progression down along with the clock timings so I can catch them in time. having the chords there would be a big time saver to people who write music and even to those who don't.