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Post Beh*#$ger MDX 1000 - Transformer/Knobs Mod - Pictures - Audios and More(Versus)

Hello slutz
I modified this compressor just for fun....
I added a pair of output transformers
I also changed aesthetics a bit, I added new knobs to change the look ...

I compared it with my favorite Buss compressor 'Cytomic The Glue' and ............... as there is a rumor that says the MDX 1000 is a copy of the DBX 160 I compared it with the version DBX 160 VST made by WAVES ..... (Sorry recently I sold my DBX160X )
I compared several tracks:
Bass, Drums, Guitars, Voices .... and also the complete Mix through the compressor.
I tried to describe the names of the files as best I could so that you understand better, saying each setting I used.
I included the images of the harmonic distortion of each one.
I also tried to make the audio levels as equal as possible, sorry if not.
RAW Files, No EQ, no FX...RUSH Mix

Feel free to ask any question

Mp3 Pack Files

Wav Pack Files

Be you the judges ...

About the audio files:
Gracie Day - What You Need
(live mix)

Sam Ash Music Multi-Track Session Files
Recorded & Mixed live by Jake Subin 
June 21, 2016