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So I WAS able to diagram out a system that allowed for using Flock's as an actual interconnected system in the same way that you can use traditional patchbays. It could handle any tracking or mixing scenario I could come up with, itb, hybrid or fully otb. That's the good part.

Now here's the bad. I was able to do this using a bunch of these units essentially as switch gates, and it took the stated maximum of 8 units to make it work. Of the 64 Dsubs in an 8 Flock scenario, only 10 were actually connected to any gear. The remaining 54 Dsubs were just connected to a dsub on another Flock.

This also comes with the caveat that you NEVER need to do anything in groups greater than 16. So if you track more than 16 channels at once, need to sum more than 16 channels otb or own more than 32 channels of comps, eqs, fx, etc., You're screwed.

Also, because of having to go through so many more patches than usual just to do common tasks like running a mic to a preamp to an eq to a converter, the routing is ridiculously complex and would be a nightmare to keep track of due to patching three or more Flocks together just to finally connect one actual piece of gear to another.

Let's also not forget that this would be a seriously expensive system for such a paltry degree of capability. A pretty bad flexibility to cost ratio and requires way more patching than you would ever need to do with traditional patchbays, which kind of defeats the purpose of the Flocks in the first place.

Now if they made 2u versions of these with 128 I/o, that might be a different story. A lot of those units that I had to use as nothing more than switch gates wouldn't be necessary because of the ability to connect more gear to one unit and have a much larger internal matrix within that one unit. Two 128 I/o units might actually be pretty flexible. I wonder if it's too difficult or costly to make something which can handle an internal matrix that big?