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Well, there goes that... Guess I'll enjoy manually patching a while longer until something workable comes along.

BTW, thank you for figuring that one out @ Quint , would've been pissed to find out on the back end...

Originally Posted by Quint View Post
I imagine you could physically connect 32 channels of I/o on one Flock to 32 channels of i/o on another Flock using Dsubs. That should allow patching between two units. The problem is that now you've cannibalized half of your I/o and are back where you started with a total of 64 I/o, 32 on one unit and 32 on another. Oh, and you spent twice the money.

You would need a LOT more connections on the back to interconnect multiple units and allow true patching between ALL of your gear.

Where I could see the Flock being useful would be for running your mics into the Flock's inputs and the Flock's outputs to your preamps. That would allow for some pretty quick patching and auditioning of mic/preamp combos. You would still be limited to a max of 32 mic channels though. You wouldn't be able to patch a mic on Flock A to a preamp on Flock B.