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The fatal flaw with this device is the bottleneck when trying to use two or more of these. If one of these is big enough to handle ALL of your connections, then fine. For many people, one unit won't be enough though. That's when you run into the issue of a bottlenecked matrix.

With a traditional PB, any output can be plugged into any input of ANY PB, whether you have one PB or 10 PB. That's an important distinction. Two Flocks, with 32 ins and 32 outs a piece aren't capable of providing the full combination matrix of connections that two traditional PBs with 32 i/o would be able to provide. Two Flocks would be able to provide a total of (32x32 + 32x32) 2048 combinations. The comparitive disparity would just get exponentially worse when comparing three Flocks to three traditional PBs and four Flocks to four traditional PBs and so on and so forth....

So when you say it's "expandable", that's kind of a misnomer. It's still a cool idea, but I imagine it's a bit limiting for many people because of the bottle neck created when trying to use more than one of these.
Hi Quint,

Thanks for your assessment of the PATCH. Although yes you are correct with respect to the linking or "chaining" of the units utilizing the existing analog I/O you have to bare in mind why it was designed in this manner... Here are few points to help you better understand PATCH...

#1 . Analog Signals - PATCH was specifically designed to never alter, color or digitize any Analog Signal being routed through it. The main goal of this unit asides from its Digital Controller (PATCH APP) was to ensure any Analog Signal coming in or out of this unit would remain the same. In order to maintain this "Analog" path, we had to make decisions to not digitalize any signal. So sometimes the question comes up...why can't you make it USB or TB Chainable to each other? Well that would mean we would need to take the source from A/D/A again...not really 100% analog anymore. Plus in-doing so...this would ramp up the cost exponentially needing to have a mastering grade converter set in the chassis...not to mention it would be increased in size and not remain the 1U design it is.

#2 . Market Review - Not every product meets every consumer's needs...its literally impossible to do so. For instance, if we at Flock Audio were to cram this thing full of every requested part, feature etc. that was mentioned to us...who could afford it and would it still really serve its main purpose as a routing system?

In order to keep PATCH on the affordable side without sacrificing quality we had to maintain its design as is otherwise in order to put its own dedicated "Analog Passes" on each unit, we would've needed to add in 4 more dedicated I/O stages to each unit....can you imagine the user who doesn't need those additional I/O stages? It becomes unaffordable to them and same deal as increases in chassis/enclosure size.

To say it's not "expandable" is incorrect. It is indeed expandable.... its expandable to the point where the user can chain these together however they see many or as little passes between each unit. Every user needs to review their studio setup and systematically figure out the best connections to meet their needs. PATCH is far more than just a Patch Bay replacement... its important to keep this in mind as well.

#3 . Large Outboard and Console Studio Usage - PATCH is only the beginning...the starting point of this technology. However bare in mind...bigger units = bigger investments from the consumer. This is a newer technology and we need to make sure it meets and exceeds the needs of a sizable studio demographic and then scale it from there based on that success for further advancements.

So "fatal flaw" is really not a flaw at all... there's only so many ways an analog signal can travel from unit to unit while still maintaining analog format.

Thanks again for writing us, we hope you'll check out a PATCH when their available and see the incredible innovation behind their design and quality. Have a great weekend.