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Old 5th January 2018
Here for the gear

Dear friends! Does anyone know of any software or pluguin that controls the Sound Pressure Level of the LIVE SYSTEM, using a linear microphone integrating a virtual sonometer? Actually, I'm looking for something like Flux Pure Analyzer or ASMG Systune, but I'd like to insert a stereo channel with one audio signal and one with a microphone. The software automatically has to prevent the sound from reaching the dynamic range I set through a microphone calibrated to the system so I can control the sound pressure level of the band or DJ using the PC as an interface between the desk and amplifiers. This is necessary for places where there is a need to keep Live Sound within the dynamic range allowed by law. There are several hardwares that do this, in theory it is something extremely simple and extremely necessary in any live system, but I have already searched and I find nothing. Can someone help me? Thank you!!!