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Chris Lord Alge Audio Legends 2 Mixing Masterclass

Imagine getting mixing lessons from one of the most esteemed mixers of all time...

Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge has mixed some of the most famous albums in music from bands like Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, and so many more legendary acts. And now, he’s teaching you all of his mix techniques step-by-step.

But unlike other audio courses, with the Audio Legends Chris Lord-Alge course, you get the multi-track session in your own DAW format along with all of the plugins used in the class.

This course includes everything there is to know about Chris’ mixing including:

1. Full Mix Prep Tutorial - preparing and comping tracks, setting up samples, and more

2. Live Real-Time Mixing - we let the cameras roll while Chris does the live mix.
See his pacing, his thought process, his interaction with his assistant, and more

3. Comprehensive Mix Analysis - CLA and I go through his mix step by step, revealing all of his techniques like compression, eq, console emulation settings, effects, and also find out WHY he does what he does

Folks, I'm very proud of our first Audio Legends course but this new course is in a whole different league. All the requests from the first course have been answered such as using a non-pro studio recording from an independent artist, watching him mix realtime, watching his entire mix prep, and much more detail and mix analysis.

For the FIRST SEVEN DAYS, CLA's Audio Legends 2 Mixing Masterclass is up to $100 OFF the normal price.

The band used for this course is called One Less Reason, and the song is Where Were You. Please check them out here: OLR MUSIC | The Memories Uninvited