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I mostly record Classical music ans it's hard to find cans that reproduce the real spectrum of real acoustic instruments.
I tried
- the 7506 : too much high mids. Impossible to hear a violin with these
- The 770 80o : very comfortable but too much bass and treble, no so important medium
- The 770 250o was far more linear, but always these Beyer highs !
- The AT 50 (not 50X) : not comfortable, unnatural punch and basses, no medium
- The KRK 8400 : the most comfortable (it's very light). The sound is ok but nasal sound
- The Focal Professionnal : after a few hours it sounds good, with always some lacks in the medium and a little too much bass. Not very comfortable

The last one, not in the list above (??? it cost me 155€), very old reference and the best for its very natural sound : the Beyer DT-250.
It's the first one giving me just after a recording a similar sound than the direct sound. Not the "Beyer" sound of the 770/880/990.
Very light, comfortable (around the ears for my ears). No problem to drive it at reasonable level.
2 point where it dosn't shine :
- the isolation is average
- Nothing to reduce the (little...)size of the cans in your bag.