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I used the L2007 for years. It was good for it's time, but IMO, needs a big update if it's going to compete. I had an acoustic project that I just couldn't get "loud" enough to compete with L2007 recently. No matter what I did, the L2007 was just crushing the life out of it - in a bad way. BTW, it was preceded by a hardware Manley Vari-Mu and Silver Bullet shaving transients. So in desperation, I started looking. I got a lot of recommendations to try out the FabFilter ProL. That was it. Simple, easy, transparent, and I got the loudness without collapsing and coloring the mix in a bad way that L2007 was doing. Best plugin money I ever spent. L2007 has been retired. I have not used it since. BTW, the dither on the FabFilter ProL is KILLER as well. I have not yet tried v.2. I'm sure it's even better.....

As for the comment. Long gone.

The one on the list that I'd kind of like to try is the DMG Limitless. But for now, I'm perfectly happy with ProL.