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For several AES's in a row I'd go up this guy in the API booth and re-re-re-suggest that the 512c ought to have an output trim. He was always very nice to me and would only cringe a tiny bit when he saw me coming. Who knew it was the president of the company???

As it turns out, they went and did it -- it's the 512v, and it's brilliant. Not just an output trim, but a whole second opamp that's driven by the first one -- the "trim" pot is actually before the second opamp, not on the way out. It's not just a great pre; as an overdriveable reamp device it clips in a very, very nice way.

And it's only $50 more than the 512c. I'm not sure why they even still have the 512c, unless they just have a bunch of old stock.
A good buddy of my was suuuuper stoked and got 8 of them and he loves having the trim.