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With something like 12 interfaces and 12 PCs here, room to room routing runs into these kinds of issues on a frequent basis.

A couple of things I do to minimize problems...

One instrument follows one chain. No matter how many tracks we grab at once from one source, we don't run them thru different converters. Think "bleed" here too.

Money signals get money converters, by facility design. I usually use published dynamic range as my decision making authority. Pay attention to spec details, weighting, etc.

ADAT hops cost one sample per hop. Drums into an Octapre, thence via fiber to the Live Room host, one extra sample. LR host thru the backbone (Z-System's Optipatch Plus) to the Control Room PC, another extra sample delay.

Measuring this sort of thing, as opposed to guessing, helps in the pre-production decision making process.

The ADAT hops aren't enough of an issue to affect where we tap signals for foldback..artist monitoring. Therefore, engineer's convenience rules the day. I like to turn them around AT the recording PC interface. That's where I am, easy to re-route once you have a signal or group of signals recorded, and artist monitors now employ the recorded, as opposed to live, signal.

Don't rub the artist's face in unnecessary discussion about necessary tech. Nobody's EVER mentioned two extra samples lag on drums, but they might if I publicised the info during a session.

I HAVE gotten called on 5-7 ms RT lag on softsynths. Maybe they actually felt it, maybe they were showing off, but THEY brought it up.

Nudge as needed in post. Movie style clapper helps, but I just clap my hands during countin, after "rolling audio", and train them to give me a four count or more between there and when they start playing.

Lastly, like I said earlier...we don't choose converters artistically during sessions, but the facility IS designed to have higher dynamic range converters where they need to be on a permanent basis.