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Old 30th December 2017
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i've been looking into this topic with interest, as all my synths go into different stuff.. 8 apollo ins, 8 focusrite adat, 8 audient adat, and an apollo twin for a further 2 inputs.

I was thinking about measuring the subtle differences so everything is time aligned perfectly by nudging after recording.. then it hit me..

every single synth i use has different converter latency too.. So even if i had, say, 2 apollo 16's for 32 identical ins, there'd still be timing variations from the synths themselves, not to mention sways in midi timing.

I think it's only important when say you were recording a multi mic'd drum kit and were doing it from two totally different converters.. then there might be phasing issue.. so you would want to use the one converter for that example..
I think we can drive ourselves insane with this stuff..

it's funny, 17 years ago, when i had a pro tools TDM Mix cube rig and 64 ins coming from literally 5 different sources LOL, i never knew about this stuff and never had an issue. All sounded great. Now the paranoia started, from reading up on topics like this.

Yes, i suppose one could even measure the delays from the stuff feeding into the converters (in the case that they are not real instruments and have their own d/a converter going into the interfaces A/D to be recorded), on top of the differences between the a/d converters themselves, and get everything sample accurate.. But i'm not gonna!