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I sent a deposit for the SA76 back in late October. When I was first inquiring about the 76, they guys at STAM said there was time for me to get in on the current order and that it might be shipping as early as December, but would most likely ship in January. I'm not in a huge rush to get it so it doesn't really matter to me if it comes in December. So I put my deposit down, and since then communications have stopped. I emailed a couple of times just curious as to when approximately the unit will ship and haven't heard anything back.

Again, I don't care when it ships... but the point is that when I was enquiring about buying a unit I received quick responses, but after I put my money down they've gone silent. So you get customer support before you're actually a customer, but none after you become a customer haha.

Thats just been my experience so far! I know others have had great experiences and that's awesome. I understand that the price would be much higher if they had more employees, proper customer support staff, etc... But these are super quick emails that could be answered in 30 seconds.
Why wouldn't you just buy a hairball or a revive modified WA76 or klark?

You would have them in hand by now making music with them

These stories are getting to be a little bit repetitive and at this point it should be obvious, I would think, that this is the norm for stam and what you will be going through if you buy direct from them

I could understand waiting around if it was some boutique piece of gear but it's not. There are equivalents to be had immediately