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This is our conversation after their new random mailer...

I did send my serials to them after and then they ignored me again.. (their usual behavior)

"total overhaul" = LOL

Hello Peo,

Sorry to hear that you had such a very bad experience with us in the past...... That is the past, Duy has had a total overhaul of its after sales, customer service and support departments and those things will not happen anymore, so please do not put a gun in your mouth.

Would you be so kind as to tell me which product you purchased and when you purchased so that I could look it up and see if I can help you.

Best regards,

---- On Tue, 21 Nov 2017 19:32:46 +0100 Peo wrote ----

Hi Stefan,

Great to hear from you. Although you guys NEVER EVER replied to any of my support emails from me during all these years. So it's always a lovely one-way communication.

Asking me to pour one more penny into your company and hoping your plugins would even be downloadable after the transaction would be like putting a gun in my own mouth.

Thanks again for the random mailer (I get them once every 3 years).


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