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Just got my wife a Behringer X-Touch Mini for $49 for Christmas. She is going to use it for photo editing, using a MIDI controller to control Lightroom with the MIDI2Lightroom software online. Very, very cool and something I just found out was a possibility, lots of Youtube videos detailing the ins and outs.

I like this one in particular because it has actual midi "encoders" vs. normal knobs, so it's receiving updated MIDI data back from the system, so the knob and the software are always aligned. It lights up the lights around the encoder vs. normal analog-style midi controllers which need a "catch up" mode enabled in the software. For a salty grizzled veteran with a thousand-yard stare like myself, I'm used to working on garbage, but to a MIDI nooby like a photographer, having true rotary encoders was a surprisingly important feature, it just works much more intuitively, "what you see is what you get."

That's the cheapest MIDI controller I'm aware of with actual rotary encoder knobs, so it edges out the similar offerings from Korg, Akai, etc.
The X Touch (compact) is the most affordable midi controller that has motorized faders. Although the motors are a little loud, it totally beats using a midi controller that doesn't have motorized faders. Doing some fader riding/ automation towards the end of the mixing process is really important to help shape the mix.

OP you should add all the recommendations to the original post. Great thread