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Fixing the concrete "bump out"

I figured the best thing to do was box-out the concrete lip at the perimeter. I couldn't put baseboards on top or even use flexible Vinyl baseboard because the bump out has different heights at varying points and would look like crap. The height difference was as much as 3" inches at certain points!

What I did was buy 4 ground contact pressure treated 2x4's and a couple of pressure treated 1x4's to lay on top of the bump. BTW, when I remodeled the house I learned that you cannot put non pressure treated wood in contact with concrete or it can rot due to moisture contact.

I had to measure to get the height up to 4" inches at all points which required me ripping the 2x4's and 1x4" to several different sizes depending on where I was working.

I used fluted concrete nails and a 5lb hammer to attach the pressure treated wood. I had a very bad experience using those concrete screws when I did the house. Basically, they are hit and miss.

Only 50% of them catch and you have to have a special hammer drill and a special bit to drill the hole first. Too much work. The concrete nails worked very well! I highly recommend them. I didn't even have to pre-drill holes. I just knocked them in.

On top of the pressure treated wood I ripped 4" pieces from all that leftover wood I had in the crawl space storage and mitered the edges so they fit snug. I used wood glue and brad nails to connect them.

Then I used wood filler to fill the cracks. I let that dry for 24 hours and sanded for a perfect seam.

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