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That's a fair inquiry.

Part of the idea of was flexibility and economy by having one sequence be two measures, and then record the improv into a different sequence.

But secretly, I was fantasizing about being able to play two sequences at once could result in all sort of weird, polyrhythmic, experimental escapades.

I guess that's sort of possible by stacking chunks. But its seems like the song window forces the chunk to play at the same tempo?

I might be mistaken about that last one, but I haven't had the time of late to try it out.
Yeah, the Song Window has it's own Conductor Track, which is given to all tracks in the Song Window. I'm definitely one of those people that wishes you could turn it off, but you can of course do variations of meters in different Sequence Chunks in the Song Window.

The way the Song Window works you would have to have 60 instances of the 2 measure Sequence Chunk to have a 120 measure song with 2 measures.

Mostly what I've used it for is quiche sketching out of the verse, chorus, break etc. layout of a song I'm working on, but you can do that pretty quickly as well in a single sequence by dragging sequences into each other, so I'll have a beginning main part, chorus etc. of a song as separate sequences and drag them into the time line of the open sequence. If you keep your tracks in the same order this isn't that big of a deal and tracks seamlessly drop in.