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I didn't get many pics of the electrical wiring stage since it's mostly in the ceiling crawl spaces and the walls. I had them run a couple of dedicated circuits for the gear as well as the ISO booth outlets.

After the electricians upgraded and replaced our junction box located on my wife's side, I tapped off one of the outlets in the ISO booth and ran wire (yellow electric wire) for a receptacle to power the inline duct ventilation fan I will install above the ISO booth.

This is a silent type ventilation fan they use in grow houses. It has a touch pad to control how much air is being pumped in/out but I'll install that much later. I tested it and when it's on around 30-40% speed, it's practically inaudible. There are some treatments to make it almost completely silent which I'll show pics of a bit later.

You can also see in the pics where I tapped the outlet for the ISO booth ventilation fan that I hung RC channel on certain walls before drywall.

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